September 16, 2022 Achiever Stories

Senior sets his sights on advocacy, accomplishing the impossible

Jordy Cambara WHS
Jordy Cambara, a West High School senior, is using his voice to advocate on behalf of Iowa youth. Cambara was recently appointed to SIYAC, a council dedicated to collaboration with policymakers on issues impacting teens.

Sioux City, Iowa — The best life lessons are sometimes made trying to accomplish the impossible. Just ask Jordy Cambara, a senior at West High School.

Cambara was recently named to The State of Iowa Youth Advisory Council (SIYAC), a group of engaged youth from across Iowa who advocate on important issues impacting teens in the state. Cambara was appointed to SIYAC after a rigorous selection process. It’s an opportunity that will allow Cambara and only 20 other Iowa youth to connect with policymakers including Governor Kim Reynolds.

“What interests me about the council is that they work on issues that affect youth. I want to help the council with issues relating to mental health. Mental health is very important, and SIYAC is a step for me to help youth,” says Cambara, who recently began his two-year term on the council.

Outside of his new appointment to SIYAC, Cambara participates in band, choir, athletics, and theater. Last year, he had a lead role in West High School’s production of “Grease”. This year, Cambara was selected as a representative for West High’s homecoming court.

“My best memories have been made when I’ve pushed myself to become a better person because I have worked harder even though things might have seemed impossible at the time,” adds Cambara. “I’ve failed sometimes and not always gotten what I wanted. However, I’ve always lifted my head up and looked ahead to what’s next.”

With a crazy school schedule, Cambara’s guidance counselor, Stephanie Hames, has been instrumental in reminding Cambara to take a step back when things become stressful.

“I love all my teachers and have a good connection with them, but Mrs. Hames has always been there when I needed someone to talk to and take a deep breath. She believes in the things I talk to her about and is always supportive,” says Cambara.

As Cambara looks ahead to graduation, he is excited about the future. His plans include attending Morningside University and then pharmaceutical school with the goal of becoming a pharmacist.

It’s a big goal but one that Cambara knows he can accomplish with the right frame of mind.

“My piece of advice to younger students is to believe in yourself. Not everything in this world goes our way all of the time,” says Cambara. “What matters is that you, as a person, are in a good place and are continuing to work hard even through all the difficulties. It’s not worth it to dwell on mistakes. If something is important to you, you can learn from your mistakes and try again to do better.”