October 14, 2022 Believe. Achieve. Succeed

Anything is possible for West High Alum

Koryatt Woodruff Collage
West High School alum Kory Woodruff understands the importance of working hard. His passion for football has led Kory to Pitt State University where he is a 2023 National Football League draft prospect.

Sioux City, Iowa – For Kory Woodruff, support is the key to believing.

The West High school alum and aspiring National Football League (NFL) player has always had big goals and a keen vision for growth. It is a way of thinking he largely attributes to his family, teachers, coaches, and fellow players on the field.

Born and raised in Sioux City, Kory spent most of his childhood involved in sports. At a young age, he could be found on the baseball field, track, or perfecting his football skills – something which has propelled him in his collegiate career.

As one of 10 children, Kory knew his goals would only be accomplished through old-fashioned hard work. While school wasn’t always easy for Kory, the Sioux City Community School District, specifically some of his teachers, prepared Kory to pursue his vision.

“The earliest teacher that really impacted me as a human was Angela Bemus. During my younger years, I was not always the greatest kid and had trouble during school. Mrs. Bemus really loved me, believed in me, and made me prove to myself that I could be who I was meant to be,” recalls Kory. “Love and belief have the biggest impact on the soul of a human being. That is what Mrs. Bemus did for me.”

After graduating from West High School, Kory attended Briar Cliff University, dividing his time between the classroom and the football field. He became an advocate for diversity joining Briar Cliff’s Men of Color organization. After three years, Kory transferred to Pittsburgh State University where is majoring in business management. He will become the first in his family to graduate from college when he finishes later this year.

Today, the 6’5”, 330-pound offensive lineman has made a name for himself in the football world. The two-time All-American, three-time all-conference player was voted team captain this year and has led Pitt State to impressive wins this year including a recent victory over 11th-ranked Nebraska-Kearney.

Because of his success, Kory is considered a 2023 National Football League draft prospect. While playing professional football may seem like a dream to many, Kory lives by the philosophy that anything is possible.

“It is possible to accomplish everything you want in life. People rarely live out their dreams because they are too focused on what other people think of them or who doesn’t believe in them,” adds Kory. “I think the three things you should do are not worry about what people think of you, focus on the people that do believe in you, and always remember, when you set your mind to it, anything is possible.”

It’s also helpful to have a couple of cheerleaders supporting you. Kory’s mother and his faith help him press on, even when unsurmountable obstacles seem to be in his way.

“I am big on my faith and my belief in God. I believe through him, anything is possible,” says Kory. “My mom is also my hero. She has and still does everything for me. I am grateful for her and the love she has given me.”