October 21, 2022 Achiever Stories

Difficult beginnings no match for student’s drive to succeed

Naydia Ybarra NHS
North High School senior Naydia Ybarra credits perseverance and hard work for her success as a student-athlete.

Naydia Ybarra was raised to persevere. As the North High School senior begins her final year of high school, she isn’t taking her focus off of her goals.

“A piece of advice that I would give to younger students is to make being a student your priority. It is great to have fun in school but getting good grades is so important,” says Naydia. “When you do well in school, you have so many advantages in the long run. Being a good student can provide so many opportunities.”

Naydia has taken her advice to heart. Adopted by her grandparents when she was a toddler, Naydia’s life was anything but typical.

“I have a lot of distant family members who have struggled, so I have had to see my relatives come and go from my life,” Naydia adds. “Most of my family did not do well in school and a lot of them didn’t graduate high school, so the fact that I am succeeding and getting good grades makes me very proud.”

Naydia credits North High School teachers Alisha Jelken and Michael Lamoreux among those who have not only supported her as a student but also as a person.

“They have never made me feel like I am just a student. Instead, they treat me like I am a real person who has real feelings,” adds Naydia.

When Naydia isn’t excelling in the classroom, she’s making a name for herself on the basketball court. Wearing jersey #21, Naydia has racked up impressive stats as a power forward on the Stars’ team.

As she looks ahead to life after basketball and high school, Naydia envisions a future career in the medical field, potentially as a traveling nurse.

“I am a very hard worker. I have a goal, and it is to succeed and do good for my family,” says Naydia. “I want people to know that it is possible to do good even when you come from a difficult start.”