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Chance exposures lead alum to new career

Britton Hacke
North High School alum Britton Hacke's photography career broke wide open after a photo of his caught the attention of a well-known entertainment venue.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Britton Hacke has a library full of novels. His own story could easily become one of them.

The North High School alum has gained a large following throughout Siouxland for his raw photography, capturing the people and places in the local community. However, he has also very quickly made a name for himself in circles outside Sioux City. (More on that later.)

Britton’s career as a photographer started as untraditionally as his art. Britton’s mom exposed him to photography at a young age; she, herself, picked it up as a hobby when she returned to school to study mass communications. During his senior year at North High, Britton took a film photography class.

“I honestly took it because I thought it would be an easy class to fill a credit, but I believe it sparked my interest in photography. While I didn’t try photography for many years later, I think it was always in the back of my mind,” says Britton.

Unsure of what he wanted to do after high school graduation, Britton went to work full-time at MCI. Years would pass before photography would become his career.

“I had been interested in photography for a few years before I invested in a camera. I started by shooting with my Galaxy S10 phone,” recalls Britton. “Eventually, I realized that I could do something with it.”

Iowa had just legalized fireworks, and Britton began running a fireworks stand which led him to an opportunity to invest in his first camera.

“I traded some fireworks for a Nikon D3100 that I found on Craigslist. Eventually, after playing around with it for a few months, a friend suggested I try a Sony mirrorless camera. I did, and I became obsessed with it,” says Britton.

His new obsession pushed Britton to perfect his techniques. He learned how to do long exposure shots, one day capturing a beautiful shot of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Hard Rock took note and reached out to Britton, asking if he would be interested in shooting an upcoming concert.

The opportunity gave him the confidence he needed to keep going – and wrack up countless unexpected credits along the way. Photography has taken Britton to Las Vegas to shoot for Dr. Pol with the National Geographic Channel and a chance to hang out with Steve – O, taking photos for his website. In between, Britton has shot hundreds of live acts, including a recent job by Wu-Tang Clan shooting their tour opening in St. Louis. Photographing Sioux City’s Saturday in the Park festival remains one of his favorite jobs.

When Britton isn’t taking calls from the famous, he’s capturing special moments in Siouxland.

“I love creating special memories through photography, whether it’s a wedding day or senior photos. Being able to provide for my family while being creative is the best feeling,” adds Britton.

While his passion has taken him to places he would have never imagined, Britton still has a few bucket list items to accomplish.

“My lofty goal is to someday get a few concert shots in Rolling Stone Magazine. I’m not sure if that’s going to happen, but I’ll have fun trying.”