Open Enrollment Procedures

Parents or guardians wishing to enroll in a district other than the district in which they reside must make formal application between July 1 and March 1 the year prior to enrollment. If a student meets the definition of good cause under the 281-Iowa Administrative Code 7.4 (1) because of a change in residence or is entering kindergarten, then applications can be submitted for review until September 1. For inquiries about additional exceptions, please contact 279-6083 at the Sioux City Community School District. 

Parents may request a specific attendance center (school), but the building assignment is at the discretion of the receiving district. Parents should be aware that the receiving district may have certain activity eligibility restrictions for open enrolled students. 

Parents are responsible for transporting children that are open enrolled to another district. Parents/guardians of open enrolled students, whose income falls below 160% of the federal poverty guidelines, are eligible for transportation assistance. 

If you have questions regarding the open enrollment program, please contact 712-279-6083 at the Educational Service Center of the Sioux City Community School District.