Cancellations/Early Dismissals/Late Starts

Living in Iowa provides us with some days that make it a challenge to hold classes at the regular time, and sometimes we must close our schools early or late, or close school for the entire day.

Please remember that parents and guardians have the right to make the decision to keep their child home on any day that they feel it is unsafe for their student to be in school because of weather conditions. If you believe the weather provides a sincere reason why you may have to keep your student at home, or take your student home when classes are scheduled to continue, you as a parent or guardian will simply need to contact your child’s school to let them know.

The District uses several methods to notify parents and guardians. The first is the Blackboard parent phone messaging system. If there is a late start or school is canceled a phone message will be sent out when the decision is made. If school is dismissed early, a call will be sent to your home as soon as the decision is made. Please make sure the school has your up-to-date contact information.

Alerts can also be found on the homepage of the website, local news stations, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please avoid calling the school about delays, cancellations or dismissals. Unless you see an announcement or receive a phone call, assume school is running as usual.

If the schools are dismissed early or if school is called off entirely, there will be NO EVENING ACTIVITIES. If you have before and after school care, please check with your provider about their procedures.