Dress Appearance Requirements

Students are expected to be dressed and groomed appropriately for the educational environment. In addition to or in lieu of any Student Code violation, students found to be displaying any of the items prohibited by this section may be asked to remove, turn inside out, cover, and/or deliver to District personnel, the prohibited item.

  1. Any style of dress, article of clothing, hairstyle, make-up, or other body adornment, which substantially or materially interferes with or disrupts the maintenance of a learning atmosphere, specifically including that which is obscene, vulgar or otherwise appeals to the prurient interest, or is suggestive of alcohol, nicotine, drugs, or promotes any other conduct prohibited by the Student Code.
  2. A lack of footwear appropriate to the activity or season.
  3. Any article of clothing, jewelry, or other accessory that is a hazard to safety, including chains and spikes.
  4. Any hat or cap, unless necessary for a specific class or activity, and then only during that class or activity.
  5. Any apparel, hairstyles, jewelry, monikers, trademarks, symbols or any other item which school officials determine, in light of the totality of the circumstances, and after consultation with law enforcement authorities at a supervisory level and/or other community experts, by virtue of its color, arrangement, or any other attribute implies affiliation  or empathy with any group or gang which advocates violence, bigotry, hate, drug use, or other criminal or disruptive behavior.

The District recognizes that gang styles and clothing continually evolve and change, and that no list could comprehensively define all clothing and hairstyles affiliated with gangs. A gang related list of prohibited items will be developed in collaboration with law enforcement and District administration. This list will be subject to an annual modification to ensure the safety of students. The list will be maintained at the District level and made available to students, parents, and staff upon request.

Any building administrator may petition for a variance on this list pursuant to Iowa code when in his/her opinion, styles have evolved in such a way that unlisted items have clearly assumed significance as a symbol of gang identification. The list of prohibited gang-related items may be modified for individual schools only by approval of the Board Policy Committee upon the joint recommendation of the superintendent and the director of student services & equity education.