Written Excuses

Written notes to explain student absences are always welcome. A written note of excuse, with a legal signature, should be delivered for at least the following reasons:

  1. If the student has to leave school for any reason other than regular dismissals, such as a medical appointment or other parent/guardian direction, please deliver a signed note in advance stating the reason.
  2. If the student cannot participate in any school activity, a signed note is needed either from the parent/guardian or doctor stating the reason for non-participation.
  3. When a student has been absent, a signed note of written excuse is necessary upon returning to school.
  4. Prescription and non-prescription medications require a note signed by the parent/guardian or doctor.
  5. A note is also requested if you decide to have your student stay inside for outside recess. If the child needs to stay inside for outside recess for longer than two days, the school nurse will be contacted unless a signed note from the doctor is provided.