On-Site Learning Instruction

Even though the Sioux City Community School District has three learning models developed, District leaders continue to believe that the On-Site Learning model is the optimal learning environment for students. We have a high quality staff in the District and believe in-person instruction from teachers and support staff is ideal.

The on-Site school day will carry out much like it always has for students, now with the addition of increased health and safety protocols and practices.

We recognize each student will have unique needs in preparing for this school year’s grade-level learning. Our educators are ready to scaffold and differentiate instruction to help each student learn the critical concepts necessary to be grade-level proficient. We are committed to the success of each student. During the first month of the 2020-2021 school year, assessments will be administered, and data analysis conducted to determine the educational level and proficiency of students. The data will help educators make informed decisions to serve each student’s individual learning needs.

The following assessments will be used to make programming and placement decisions: IGDIs for literacy and math for preschool students, FAST literacy assessment for students in grades TK-5, FAST math assessment for students in grades TK-5, District-developed BME math assessment for students in grades 6-12, Rapid literacy assessment for students in grades 6-8, Open Response writing assessments in grades 9-12 and the District-developed pre-assessment in literacy for students in grades 2-12. Assessment results will be shared with parents at the fall parent-teacher conferences.

The items on this school supply list will be necessary for students to fulfill learning assignments this year.