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Student and Staff Safety is Paramount.

For this reason, the District exercises a host of crisis prevention and planning tactics in partnership with the Sioux City Police Department, Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office, and emergency responders. Whether there is a severe weather threat, a fire, or another threat to safety in our schools, the safety of our students, staff, and visitors is our top priority. 

Crisis Prevention Training and Planning Procedures

The Sioux City Community School District has multiple strategies in place to prepare for and respond to potential crisis situations. Some of these strategies include a crisis guide, fire, tornado, and intruder drills, staff training modules through SafeSchools, and integrated school safety software.

Because we recognize that every crisis is unique, the District’s crisis guide serves as a starting point to assist in responding to each crisis scenario. The crisis guide is not a public document. To ensure that individuals with ill intentions cannot anticipate our response to the crisis, we keep this guide confidential.

Every threat is taken seriously, and the first step is always to ensure the safety of our students and staff and then determine the credibility of the threat. The parties that may collaborate on assessing threat credibility include District administrators, school administrators, school resource officers, and law enforcement. Determinations from this assessment help us determine the best course of action to keep students and staff safe.

  • In the event of a school lockout, access in or out of the school is not permitted by anyone. Students will not be released to parents/guardians until the building is secure.
  • In the event of a school evacuation, you may not be able to pick up your child on school grounds. The District will inform you where unification may take place and any other pertinent information regarding the evacuation.

Crisis Response Communication

The District has a multi-faceted approach to communicating updates in the event of a crisis. Parents and staff may receive communication via text, phone call, or email. Updates may also be communicated through district social media accounts, the District website and mobile app, or local news.

It is important the District has the most up-to-date parent/guardian/staff contact information. If a parent/guardian needs to change their contact information on file with the District, it is imperative they speak with the registrar at their child’s school.

There may be times when information is shared on non-district social media pages or the news before an official District communication is shared. Please know these advance messages on social media and news sites may not come from the District as a source. The District will communicate information to our families as soon as it is safe to do so. While communication is vital, the safety of our students and staff comes first.