Media Center Materials Removal

Code Number: 661

It shall be the Board’s policy to provide for the regular removal or disposal of library media center materials.

The library media specialist(s) may remove materials no longer deemed to have a current educational value from the library media center(s). Removal of items will be determined by following the guidelines for collection development (selection and weeding), and materials replacement. The items will then be reviewed to determine possible value to other groups or individuals in the following order of priority:

1. Other library media centers within the district (e-mail lists)
2. Any other District operated program (and classroom, subject to the approval of the Principal)
3. Students or parents within the building which is deleting materials
4. Friends of the Public Library
5. District auction and/or bidding

First Adoption:
Revision Adoption:
February 13, 1996/ February 22, 2000/ September 10, 2002/ December 14, 2009/ December 10, 2012/ February 27, 2017
Legal Reference:
Iowa Code §§ 256.7(24); 279.8; 280.14; 301.
281 I.A.C. 12.3.


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