Board Committees

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What is the Purpose of Committee Work?

School Board and community and advisory committees exist to help guide the District’s actions. By dividing committees into multiple categories, Board members, District leaders, and community members alike delve into the Districts’ governing matters in greater detail than what is possible in bi-weekly Board meetings.

As such, board members are better prepared for board meetings, and these committees ultimately improve the quality of board decision making.

Below is a list of the Board Committees and community and advisory committees in place in the Sioux City Community School District and a brief description of the scope of their work.

Standing Committees of the Board:

Board Finance & Facilities Committee

The Board Finance and Facilities Committee is charged with reviewing financial and facility planning policies and major expenditures for the district before they are brought to the school board.

Board Policy Committee

The purpose of the Board Policy Committee is to provide feedback to the Board of Directors in regard to how the implementation of the proposed policy would impact daily practice across the District and community. This feedback may result in suggested revisions to the proposed policy.

Board Student Achievement Committee

The Board Student Achievement Committee reviews progress on the Board’s student achievement goals, as well as studies issues and hears presentations on student achievement prior to having them placed on the Board meeting agendas.

Community & Advisory Committees:

Building Oversight Committee

The Building Oversight Committee reviews the plans and specifications on new buildings and building additions; makes recommendations on the value for resources spent and maintain cost efficiency on projects. 

Educational Equity Committee (EEC)

The Educational Equity Committee is comprised of citizens who ensure equal opportunity for students and staff to access educational programs and employment. The committee supports and advises the District on the coordination and development of policies, programs, resources, and methods that would increase maximum achievement for all students in a multi-cultural, gender-fair environment.

Preschool Initiative Oversight Committee

The Preschool Initiative Oversight Committee is comprised of citizens who have an interest in early childhood. The committee supports and advises the preschool administrator in implementing the statewide voluntary preschool program.

Sales Tax Finance Oversight Committee

The Sales Tax Finance Oversight Committee works to ensure fiscal responsibility of the district’s use of the sales tax revenue received by the District and expenditures paid for Board of Education approved projects. The committee also prepares cash flow analysis, which is used to make a recommendation to the Board of Education on cash flow requirements. 

School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC)

This committee is a vehicle through which the community, students, parents, and school staff can work together to identify and recommend solutions to problems facing our District’s school system.