Board Student Achievement Committee Minutes – November 18, 2019

District Mission: The Sioux City Community School District exists to educate students to believe in their talents and skills, achieve academic excellence, and succeed in reaching their potential.

Facilitator: Dr. Kim Buryanek

The Board Student Achievement Committee (SAC) met on Monday, November 18, 2019, in the
Educational Service Center Board Room.

Committee Members Present: Dr. Paul Gausman, Dr. Kim Buryanek, Mrs. Mickey Nelson, Mr.
Ron Colling, and Mrs. Jackie Warnstadt

Guests Present: Kim Neal, Director of Special Education

Special Education Needs

Mrs. Kim Neal shared the proposed plan for the addition of a special education teacher at
Morningside Elementary and the addition of a preschool special education classroom. The suggestion of additional staff members comes before the committee as a result of approximately
forty more special education students than last year who are receiving services in the District. The
growing number of special education students can be attributed to a combination of increased
enrollment, foster care students, and students receiving PMIC services.

Currently, Morningside Elementary special education classrooms exceed the District’s average
special education class size. The additional classroom will allow Morningside Elementary to be in
alignment with average class sizes across the District.

Likewise, the current preschool special education rosters have the potential to reach capacity before the semester based on the number of students currently undergoing evaluations for special education services. Prior to the 2019-20 school year, the Preschool Special Education Program Review recommended the addition of three preschool classrooms, but due to budget concerns, the District added one classroom.

The special education identification rate for the District is 14.8%, the second-lowest among the
eight UEN districts.

The committee acknowledges the Special Education Needs plan. Mrs. Neal will present the plan to
the Board Finance Committee and to the School Board.