Board of Student Achievement Committee Minutes – July 13, 2020

District Mission: The Sioux City Community School District exists to educate students to believe in their talents and skills, achieve academic excellence, and succeed in reaching their potential.

Facilitator: Dr. Kim Buryanek

The Board Student Achievement Committee (SAC) met on Monday, July 13, 2020 in the Educational Service Center Board Room.

Committee Members Present: Dr. Paul Gausman, Dr. Kim Buryanek, Mr. Dan Greenwell, Mrs.
Monique Scarlett, and Mr. Ron Colling

Guests Present: Mandie Mayo, Director of Communications

District and School Climate Survey Results

Mrs. Mandie Mayo presented the District and School Climate Survey results. The survey was
developed in collaboration with K12 Insight and collected parental feedback on the following topics:

  • District impact
  • Leadership team
  • Strategic plan
  • District operations
  • Academic support
  • Student support
  • Family involvement
  • Safety and behavior
  • Fair treatment
  • Cultural responsiveness
  • Communication

The survey opened February 4, 2020, and closed on March 16, 2020, when schools closed due to
COVID-19 precautions. The closure of schools shortened survey administration by about two weeks. Surveys were distributed via Email links, newsletters, phone calls, text messages, social media posts, website, and paper. Computers were also available at conferences for parents to complete the survey. To promote participation, frequent reminders were sent via Email to parents while the survey was open.

Survey participation for middle schools and high schools increased from the two previous years,
despite the survey closing early this year. The survey gathers information for a wide range of topics, so buildings focused on three areas of celebration and three areas of improvement. Areas of celebration include, in general parents feel schools are safe, parents recognize their students would feel comfortable approaching a staff member with concerns, schools are encouraging parent engagement and participation in activities, and parents are pleased with the variety of academic courses offered.

Many buildings noticed a high percentage of “Don’t Know” responses regarding cultural
responsiveness and acknowledged this area requires more attention. Additionally, communication of safety procedures and other important topics were areas that need improvement, with many “Don’t Know” responses surrounding those topics. Principals are working to implement approaches to address areas of improvement for their respective buildings.

Mrs. Mayo will present the District and School Climate Survey results to the School Board on July 20, 2020.

Focus 2022 Strategic Plan Update

Dr. Kim Buryanek shared an update on the Focus 2022 Strategic Plan. The strategic plan addresses five goal areas with objectives and strategies aligned to each goal area. A working document, created to track progress, was provided as a visual to committee members. All goals associated with the Focus 2022 Strategic Plan were represented throughout the 2019-20 school year. The following are goals represented in the Focus 2022 Strategic Plan:

  • Goal 1: Provide Relevant, Rigorous and Innovative Academics
  • Goal 2: Provide Safe, Healthy and Supportive Learning Environments
  • Goal 3: Attract and Support High Effective Teachers, Leaders and Staff
  • Goal 4: Practice Effective, Efficient and Sustainable Business Practices
  • Goal 5: Strengthen School, Family and Community Engagement

Dr. Buryanek highlighted many accomplishments for the 2019-20 school year, and stated 80% of
strategies aligned to goals have been initiated and reports made to the Board, which is where the
District expected to be at the completion of the 2019-20 school year. Some objectives and strategies within each goal area been reviewed on multiple occasions. Discussion occurred about what items to prioritize and review more than once. The District will follow recommendations from advisory committees and the Board when developing the next strategic plan.

Dr. Buryanek will present the Focus 2022 Strategic Plan update to the School Board on August 10,

Equity Conversation

The Committee initiated discussion about how to further reach minority students, specifically in
regards to student achievement. It was suggested that members of the Educational Equity Committee (EEC) review graduation rates, dropout rates, discipline referrals, and other data in relation to minority students. Committee members are also interested in meeting with members of the EEC to discuss how the District can improve cultural responsiveness and awareness across the entire District. The Committee plans to meet with the EEC at a future date to discuss their review of the data provided.

The next Board Student Achievement Committee meeting is scheduled for August 3 2020.