Board Student Achievement Committee Minutes – July 13, 2022

District Mission: The Sioux City Community School District exists to educate students to believe in their talents and skills, achieve academic excellence, and succeed in reaching their potential.

Facilitator: Angela Bemus

The Board Student Achievement Committee (SAC) met on Wednesday, July 13, 2022, at noon in the Educational Service Center Board Room.

Committee Members Present: Mrs. Angela Bemus, Mr. Bob Michaelson, Mr. Jan George and Ms.
Monique Scarlett.

Guests Present: Amy Denney, Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment, Dr. Rod
Earleywine, Superintendent of Sioux City Community School District, Dr. Brian Burnight, Director of Elementary Education, Jim Vanderloo, Director of Secondary Education, John Pritchard, Director of Technology, Leslie Heying, Director of Communications, Chad Fengel, Information Systems Manager.

Handbook Changes for Behavior/Discipline

Mrs. Angela Bemus reviewed the new handbook additions. She shared the cell phones and/or tele
communicative device protocols. Use of devices will only be permitted during non-instructional hours. This applies to students and staff. She also reviewed the addition of derogatory or threatening language towards staff protocol. This had previously not been a part of the handbook.

Mr. Jan George asked what if a staff member violates the new cell phone policies. Mr. Jim Vanderloo reviewed the expectations of staff regarding cell phone use. Mr. George also questioned if substitutes are included and aware of the new policies. Ms. Denney confirmed that substitutes will be included and trained.

Mr. Chad Fengel reviewed the Technology and Referral process. He stated all referrals will be
electronically entered into Infinite Campus. New referral codes have been added to ensure consistent data and reporting. Training will be provided to staff so they know how to enter the referrals into the system.

Ms. Leslie Heying presented the communication plan for the new protocols. She stated the school
district will have a robust communications plan in place. Beginning July 19th, messages will be sent to all staff, students, and families through email and phone. She walked through the detailed steps of the communication plan for all staff, students, and families that will take place in August.

Ms. Amy Denney reviewed the professional development for staff regarding managing behavior and engagement in the classroom. She covered the training provided to staff in June and the future training coming in August. Training will be provided to certified and non-certified staff as well as support staff and substitutes. She shared that every building will receive at least four hours of training in understanding student engagement and de escalation. Also, Monday professional developments will be dedicated to these new protocols.

Mrs Angela Bemus reviewed the Equity component of the new protocols. She shared the purpose is to ensure equitable practices in addressing discipline referrals and behavior consequences and ensure all involved know their role in the process. She detailed the roles of Administrators, Teachers, and MTSS teams. She also stated the Directors of both secondary and elementary will meet with their head principals monthly to review the individual building behavior and discipline data.

Ms. Amy Denney reviewed in detail how the Behavior and Discipline supervisor will support the
buildings. The Behavior and Discipline Supervisor will review building level and district level
behavior/discipline data with LEAD team monthly. District data will be shared with the Equity
Committee quarterly. She stated the new Behavior and Discipline Supervisor will ensure consistency of reporting and equitable enforcement of new protocols.

The committee acknowledged the Handbook Changes for Behavior Discipline.

International Baccalaureate Certification

Amy Denney presented the IB certification for Perry Creek. She reported Perry Creek received
authorization from International Baccalaureate. She states the Board support was in the commendable rating and the next step is to have the Board acknowledge the plan. It will go before the Board on July 18th.

The committee acknowledged the International Baccalaureate Certification.

The next Board Student Achievement Committee meeting is scheduled for July 27, 2022.