Board Student Achievement Committee Minutes – October 26, 2022

District Mission: The Sioux City Community School District exists to educate students to believe in their talents and skills, achieve academic excellence, and succeed in reaching their potential.

Facilitator: Angela Bemus

The Board Student Achievement Committee (SAC) met on Wednesday, October 26, 2022, at noon in the Educational Service Center Board Room.

Committee Members Present: Bob Michaelson, Monique Scarlett (via phone), Angela Bemus, Dr.
Rod Earleywine

Guests Present: Amy Denney

Iowa School Performance Profile

Angela Bemus shared the Iowa School Performance Profile update. She will be sharing the update with the Board on November 14th. The report was published by the State on October 21st. She stated the report shows every buildings overall performance rating. All the schools in Iowa get a designation in comprehensive status, targeted status, or no support needed. They also get an identification status ranging from acceptable, needs improvement, priority or commendable. The report also compares buildings to the state average.

Angela stated the designation status had been frozen for the previous two years. She stated the total profile is based on assessment participation in ELA and math, average achievement score in ELA and math, conditions for learning survey, growth on ISASP, percent proficient in ISASP, and progress towards ELP composite. High school adds graduation rates in the formula as well as the postsecondary readiness index composite.

Angela proceeded to review the scores by building – comparing 2021 scores to 2022 scores. Bob
Michaelson summarized that it appears most of the declines in scores in buildings appear to be related to students with disabilities (IEP).

Angela stated the main reason buildings are labeled as a targeted or a comprehensive school is related to IEP students performing in the bottom five percent of other IEP students. They are not making the growth that other students are making. She shared a SPED Task force was created to help address these issues. It met for the first time on October 24 with over eighty-two attendees. It was identified at the first meeting that continuation of services is the biggest issue in elementary and middle schools. High school’s biggest issue was supporting students in the block schedule. Angela encouraged all Board members to attend the future SPED Task force meetings to help address the SPED issues. The smaller focus groups are meeting weekly with all groups meeting at a combined meeting bi-weekly.

Angela shared the term disability is not classified as a strictly a physical trait. It encompasses other
things as well.

Angela communicated that Liberty elementary had good news in their profile scores. For the first time in eleven years, Liberty is not considered a targeted school. Also, two high schools grew in ratings

Angela reviewed the districts past SPED program verses the current direction. Previously, the district utilized various levels for classifying students with IEP’s. District moved toward eliminating those levels. She reported that currently, there are forty-two open SPED aid position and seven open SPED teacher positions in the district.

Bob suggested that SPED teachers should be allotted extra time for paperwork due to the high amount of paperwork involved with IEP students. Angela shared that SPED teachers can use Monday PD days and are being offered extra pay to catch up on paperwork.

The committee acknowledged the Iowa School Performance Profile Update.

The next Board Student Achievement Committee meeting is scheduled for November 16th, 2022.