Educational Equity Committee Meeting Minutes – September 13, 2019

District Mission: The Sioux City Community School District exists to educate students to believe in their talents and skills, achieve academic excellence and succeed in reaching their potential.

Chairperson: Tito Parker

Secretary: Cate Combs

The Educational Equity Committee (EEC) met on Friday, September 13, 2019 at the ESC Board Room (103).

Committee Members Present: Tito Parker, Karen Mackey, Stephan Pearson, Bernie Hess, Jason Jackson, Joseph Riker

District Employees and School Board Directors Present: Jen Gomez, Cate Combs, Lori Gentry, Amber Sackmann, LaShawna Moyle, Stephanie Alcaraz

Guests: John Pritchard, Director of Information Technology, Mallie Sauer, WITT Student


John Pritchard, Director of Information Technology
Technology Presentation – Technology and how it supports Curriculum – Program Review Focus 2022

In supporting the goals of Focus 2022, Technology is looking at what hardware and software are in the classrooms; how technology aligns with the curriculum; how technology can support teachers; and management and enhancement of technology in the classrooms.

Over the last 5 years, Technology has added over 7000 devices to the Middle and High Schools at the user level. Technology has increased the number of wired and wireless services; reduced the number of servers and printers throughout the District which balances the economic impact of the additional devices. The printers the District does have are bigger and more efficient. The Technology Department is maintaining these devices with the same number of staff.

The Technology Department is broken down into the following teams: Teacher/Librarians, Tech Coaches, Project Coordinators, Application Integrators, Techs, and Network/Systems/Telecom. Staff responsibilities are not clearly defined. Job descriptions need to be reviewed and updated.

Currently, the District uses over 151 software applications. Of those, 31 are under contract. We have 47 commonly used applications and 26 instructional applications. One of the challenges is controlling the applications and balance of what the District should truly support and what it should be paying for. The Board has approved policy – Computer Software Acquisition (AR662) which defines the procedure for purchasing a new software. We are using Destiny to track instructional equipment, and have started a spreadsheet to list and categorize the Curriculum Software.

Teachers are looking for more technology-based professional development. Teachers who had the support of technology coaches have a significant increase in understanding of technology. Teachers are taking advantage of technology support.

The Technology and Curriculum Departments are working closely together so that Technology can be at the beginning of the curriculum process instead of the middle. This will help identify opportunities for technology to participate in the adoption process and identify opportunities for professional development.

Committee Membership Terms and Change to the By-Laws

Tito Parker was nominated and the Committee voted, unanimously voted for. Jeremy Granger was nominated and the Committee voted, unanimously voted for.

A motion was made to revise the By-Laws to change the month to vote in the Chair and Vice-Chair from May to September. The Committee voted unanimously for.

Committee Proposed Topics for Future Meetings

  • Diversity among staff
  • Opportunities for current employees to advance to become teachers
  • SRO/JCO/TSI Presentation
  • Student and Teacher Presentation
  • Outside Agencies Presentation
  • Follow Up from recommendations made in previous meetings