Educational Equity Committee Meeting Minutes – October 8, 2021

Our Mission: The Sioux City Community School District exists to educate students to believe in their talents and skills, achieve academic excellence and succeed in reaching their potential.

Chairperson: Tito Parker

Secretary: Lizzy Díaz

The Educational Equity Committee met on Friday, October 8, 2021, at the ESC Room 102.

Committee Members Present: Tito Parker, Karen Mackey, Rhonda McGarry, Sherry Martin, Don Dew, Joe Simons, Laura Mesz, and Jacob Harlan

District Employees and School Board Directors Present: Dr. Dora Jung, Joe Riker, and Lizzy Díaz

School Calendar

Dr. Gomez introduced herself as the Director of Human Resources for the Sioux City Community School District. She reviewed the school calendars for the next three years and asked the committee for their input. The committee analyzed the 2024-2025 School Calendar winter break options for our students and staff. Dr. Gomez was grateful for the committee’s feedback.

Agenda Item Review

Tito Parker reviewed the agenda with the committee and discussed future agenda items.

Focus 2022 Strategic Plan

Dr. Jung went over students with an Individualized Education Plan for our virtual school, V.I.B.E. Academy.

Kim Neal introduced herself as the Director of Special Education for the SCCSD. She broke down the process of students who have an IEP enrolling into V.I.B.E. Academy, and how to better serve them. A committee member mentioned the school district reaching out to families who have students attending V.I.B.E. Academy, that have special needs.

A committee member shared concerns about non-supported ELL students within the classroom environment. Committee agrees there is a technological barrier for our ELL students and their needs.

Dr. Jung informed the committee about our Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) in our high schools and middle schools. This is a group created to support gender-diverse students and provide a welcoming environment for them.

Committee’s Recommendations:

  • Engage in ongoing racial and equity-based & culturally responsive teaching professional development.
  • Analyze hiring practices and provide additional support to ELL students to increase success.
  • Committee discussed providing proficiency testing for bilingual staff.

Roundtable Items/ Upcoming Dates and Events

  • Committee agreed upon no meeting in December.
  • Vice Chairperson Karen Mackey asked about nominees for Universal Human Rights Day.
  • Next meeting: November 12, 2021, 12:00 -1:00pm.