Educational Equity Committee Meeting Minutes – September 17, 2021

Our Mission: The Sioux City Community School District exists to educate students to believe in their talents and skills, achieve academic excellence and succeed in reaching their potential.

Chairperson: Tito Parker
Secretary: Dulce Sanchez

The Educational Equity Committee met on Friday, September 17, 2021 at the ESC Room 102.

Committee Members Present: Tito Parker, Karen Mackey, Rhonda McGarry, Sherry Martin, Don Dew, Joe Simons, Jacob Harlan, Norma Azpeitia, Julie Albert

District Employees and School Board Directors Present: Dr. Dora Jung, Dr. Buryanek, June Mikkelson, Joe Riker, Sarah Berntson, Laura Métis, and Victor Galindo, Stephanie Alcaraz, Amber Sackmann, and Dulce Sanchez

Educational Equity Committee Bylaws

Dr. Jung introduced herself to the committee as the new facilitator and new Director of Student Services and Equity Education and Title IX Coordinator. She refamiliarized the committee with the Bylaws for the Education Equity Committee (EEC), and the significance for an equity committee in our school district.

Educational Equity Committee Membership

Dr. Jung reviewed the committee’s term memberships and our new members. She also held the election of the Chair and Vice Chair of the committee. The elected members were Tito Parker as Chairperson, and Karen Mackey as Vice Chairperson.

Focus 2022 Strategic Plan

Dr. Buryanek introduced herself to the returning and new committee members. Everyone in the table had the opportunity to introduce themselves to the committee.

She went over a brief overview and history of Educational Equity Committees in school districts, and their importance in being established in the 1970’s. Throughout the years the Sioux Community School District (SCCD) has chosen to maintain their Education Equity Committee.

Dr. Buryanek reviewed the Student Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC), EEC’s, and Hannover Research’s reports on the Focus 2022 Strategic Plan.

Main Improvements:

  • The SSCD has added nine new tutors with one at Career Academy.
  • The SSCD Administration team was provided with professional development to help improve relationships between students and staff.
  • Improve hiring process in strategic plan.
  • Improve opportunity gaps for Low SES, Native American, African American, Special Education, and Hispanic students in our school district.

Roundtable Items/ Upcoming Dates and Events

  • Mr. Parker provided the committee with the opportunity to review meeting times, dates, and virtual options.
  • He reviewed the opportunity for everyone to reach out to SSCD Equity Staff with their opinions and concerns.
  • Next meeting: October 8, 2021, 12:00 -1:00pm.

Adjourn: 1:00 PM