Preschool Initiative Oversight Committee Minutes – May 27, 2020

District Mission: The Sioux City Community School District exists to educate students to believe in their talents and skills, achieve academic excellence and succeed in reaching their potential.

Preschool Initiative Mission: To strengthen, support and empower children and families through
access to quality community services for preschool education for 4-year olds.

Facilitator: Kim Burrack
Secretary: Kim Burrack

The Preschool Initiative Oversight Committee (PIOC) met on Wednesday, May 27, 2020 via Zoom
meeting. Copies of the Agenda and Minutes from the February 26, 2020 meeting were available for

Committee Members Present: Kerri Hall, Erika Fuentes, Brenda Jenkins, Rachael Ostermyer, and
Jocelyn Flattery.

Guests / Visitors: Jenny Petty

  • Jenny Petty shared a power point on the professional development offered to all Preschool Initiative staff during the district closure on challenging behavior. Jenny shared an average attendance at each professional development was 70 staff members.
  • Kim Burrack shared the State Wide Voluntary Preschool Desk Audit was complete and submitted in October. She provided additional information for three items and the Desk Audit was completed and approved by the DE in January.
  • Kim Burrack share the district will be developing a return to learn plan that will include a plan for onsite learning, hybrid learning, and continuous learning. District plans are due to the Department of Education by July 1.
  • Kim Burrack shared the preschool offices will be moving to Clark Early Childhood Center next school year. Preschool Oversight Committee meetings for next year will be held at the Clark Early Childhood Center.
  • Kim Burrack shared the Preschool Oversight Committee’s meeting dates for 2020-21 are October 7, November 18, February 3, March 31, April 28 and May 26.