School Improvement Advisory Committee Minutes – February 20, 2020

District Mission: The Sioux City Community School District exists to educate students to believe in their talents and skills, achieve academic excellence, and succeed in reaching their potential.

Chair: Joseph Riker
Vice-Chair: Kim Opsahl
Facilitator: Dr. Kim Buryanek
Secretary: Erin Bourne

The School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC) met on Thursday, February 20, 2020 in the
Educational Service Center Board Room.

Attendees: Dr. Paul Gausman, Dr. Kim Buryanek, Mandie Mayo, Perla Alarcon-Flory, Danny Tran, Cameron Jensen, Carson Bogenreif, Mario Enriquez, Xavier Divis, Greg Giles, Bernie Hess, Joseph Riker, Kay Beyerink, Bill Burrack, Kim Opsahl, David Halaas, Monique Scarlett, Joe Simons, Tammy Noble, Juliana Benitez, Amanda Beougher, and Megan Lawrey

Guests / Visitors: None

Call to Order: Chair Joseph Riker called the meeting to order at 5:15 p.m.

Data Carousel

Dr. Kim Buryanek shared with the committee one of their roles is to review and analyze data in order to make recommendations for improvements to the Board. Committee members were divided into 3 groups and allowed 15 minutes to review the topics listed below and answer questions provided. Committee members shared their thoughts in a large group discussion.

Bullying / Harassment

  • What do you notice about the data? 2016-17 was not a good year.
  • Numbers do not add up.
  • Could be attributed to incidents founded falling into more than one category.
  • Incidents may be under-reported.
  • How do you feel about the data? Explanations or definitions would be helpful.
  • Need clarification on “other”.
  • Recommendations: Make sure all parents are notified.
  • Helpful to separate data by elementary, middle and high school.
  • Add information about how many cases are reported.
  • Add counselors at the elementary schools.

District Common Assessments

  • What do you notice about the data? Negative trend in high school.
  • Proficiency declining.
  • Increased “F” grades.
  • How do you feel about the data?
  • How does DCA proficiency relate to Iowa Assessment proficiency?
  • How do Career Academy student’s scores relate to other student’s scores?
  • Are Career Academy students too specialized? Career Academy subject areas not broad enough to cover comprehensive assessment.
  • Recommendations:
  • Engage in follow up with students regarding assessment scores.
  • Have conversations with students about setting goals.
  • Look at student to teacher ratio for reading comprehension to determine if correlation exists.
  • Important life skills learned in school cannot be measured on an assessment.
  • How can we measure those skills? Create assessment for Career Academy students aligned to career focus.

Iowa Assessments

  • What do you notice about the data? Above state scores consistently.
  • At or above 50% proficiency in all subjects except science.
  • Exposure to different levels of math and science classes vary and might affect student performance.
  • How do you feel about the data? Good to see a new test.
  • Recommendations:
  • Focus more on sciences.
  • Add a third column to look at urban schools.
  • Focus on achieving proficiency early to prevent students from falling behind.