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Welcome to the Sioux City Community School District technology blog! Check out the incredible ways teachers are integrating technology in the classrooms across our district. 

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October 2022 EdTech Talk

Our Technology Teacher Leaders

Jamie Bratvold has taught for 16 years and has been in educational technology for the past 3 years. She has a unique ability to bring a bright smile everywhere she goes. 

John Casotti is a Sioux City native and has been teaching for 20 years. His experiences have allowed him to teach at all levels, including virtual! John is consistently looking at ways to build capacity and improve learning for all students. 

Mike Crawford is an integral part of our team as the assessment and online learning administrator. Mike has years of experience connecting software, student information, and instruction for learning. As a trained teacher and the former Director of Technology in Eagle Grove and Independence, his experience is invaluable. Notably, he implemented and now manages Canvas®, our learning management system.

Layne Henn is currently a consulting teacher and has been working with instructional technology for over 20 years. He’s collaborated and led teams within multiple K12 schools.  Layne is passionate about making a difference for students and making learning more accessible, efficient, and fun! 

New Technology Integration

Technology for Reading

Students in middle school now have a course specifically designed for reading improvement. To achieve this, our teachers use PowerUp® for literacy, which digitally tests students reading levels. This newly integrated program serves as a guiding tool for teachers in order to meet the needs of students at every reading level. In addition to PowerUp®, technology teacher leaders conduct professional development with teachers on a regular basis to guide them in learning new innovative practices.

Technology for Math

Students now have new two digital adaptive math programs. Students in K-5 are using I-READY, and students in 6-12 students are using ALEKS.  I-Ready is a one-stop shop for deep, well-organized, state-standard data collection and differentiated instruction in math. In secondary math classrooms, after quickly and accurately determining each student’s precise knowledge of a subject with a diagnostic assessment, ALEKS helps the student work on the topics they are ready to learn.  Like PowerUp®, technology teacher leaders are partnering with curriculum facilitators to conduct professional development for teachers so that they can effectively incorporate iReady and ALEKS into teaching.

Technology for K-5

iReady, as mentioned above, is coupled with a site called Generation Genius, which accompanies our science curriculum. This curriculum integrates an exciting new online component with National Geographic®, which includes a video repository “renewed” with Safari-Montage, giving students access to over 15,000 videos, lessons, and activities. The EdTech team is also integrating additional resources for ELL students through Lexia English ®.