TQC Meeting – May 20, 2020

May 20, 2020, 8:30 – 10:30, Virtually Via Teams


1) Minutes & Updates

a. Today’s Agenda: review and approve
b. Minutes: review and approve minutes from October 9, 2019, meeting

2) Discussion and Action Items

a. TQ Course Report – ASCD courses, BMM courses
b. TQ Budget Update 2019-2020
c. TQ Funds for FY2021: Proposal for Summer CHAMPS Training
d. Iowa Core Budget Update 2019-2020

3) Schedule Next Meeting


Our Mission: The Sioux City Community School District exists to educate students to believe in their talents and skills, achieve academic excellence and succeed in reaching their potential.

Facilitator: Heidi Anthony

Recorder: Gloria James The Teacher Quality Committee (TQC) met on Wednesday, May 20, 2020, via Microsoft Teams. Copies of the agenda, October 9 minutes, ASCD and BMM courses information, CHAMPS training request, Iowa Core comparison budget, TQ comparison budget, and FutureReady Year 2-4 information were available for distribution.

Committee Members Present: Jolynn Meier, John Beeck, Janelle Poulson, Catherine Moseman, Kristine Snavely, Kathy Sandoz, Deb Padomek, Brian Burnight, Jim Vanderloo, Julie Thiele, Heather Ruble, Emily Lloyd, and Angela Holcomb.

Guests: Angela Conway, Jessica Bariatakis, Diana Wassell, and Jody Vanderloo. 

1) Minutes & Updates

a. Today’s Agenda: review and approve-Heidi requested an addition to the agenda under Discussion and Action Items, Section C to include additional discussion of TQ funds for 2020-2021. Heidi moved and Julie seconded the motion to approve the addition to the agenda. Motion carried. Heidi moved and Julie seconded the motion to approve the agenda as presented with addition. Motion carried.
b. Minutes: review and approve-Kathy moved and Cat seconded the motion to approve October 9,
2020, minutes as presented. Motion carried.

2) Discussion and Action Items

a. TQ Course Report – ASCD courses, BMM courses

  • ASCD and BMM course handout was made available; 841 staff participated, 795 completed; 309 for renewal credit. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive.
  • Kris moved and Janelle seconded the motion to accept the ASCD and BMM course list as presented. Motion carried.

b. TQ Budget Update 2019-2020

  • TQ Comparison Budget handout was made available; no discussion. Jim moved and Kris seconded the motion to approve the 2019-2020 budget as presented. Motion carried.

c. TQ Funds for 2021: Proposal for Summer CHAMPS training (Ca: additional TQ discussion for
2021 funds-addition to agenda)

  • Request to compensate teachers at per diem; teachers were not compensated at per diem last year.
  • Discussion included reasons for promoting the training again this year, since so many were not in favor last year. Though it was thought last year that the need was for more difficult behaviors, the vast majority of behaviors were evident at the Tier I level and were generated in the classroom. There may be more flexibility for summer courses this year because of the COVID19 virus. Behavior referrals were districtwide; approx. 300 teachers were trained last year.
  • Training would take place virtually via Zoom, 11 trainings, six hours each, to begin after July 4.
  • Discussion regarding the possibility of using other funding sources. Q: might the state consider a change in funds for TQ because of the COVID-19 virus? A: Heidi thought not, and indicated that the funding made available to the district for COVID spending could not be accessed for training of this kind.
  • Because the ASCD courses are so popular, with data to support that, it would make sense to continue the courses instead of the CHAMPS training, unless there is a way to finance both. Heidi indicated that both could be implemented with the only change being that teachers would not be paid the 15 hours at per diem.
  • Vote on CHAMPS training proposal as presented—7 YES 7 NO
  • Second vote to fund ASCD at per diem for all teachers, using remaining funds for CHAMPS, with the district carrying the shortfall. If alternative funding is not available, the second vote shall be null and void. Availability of alternate funds will be communicated on or by May 29.
  • Second Vote—14 YES w/contingency 0 NO
  • Kris Snavely will act as teacher-liaison coordinator for CHAMPS training proposal.

D. Iowa Core Budget Update 2019-2020

  • The FutureReady budget is not set yet because of COVID-19.
  • Kris requested data and district impact on teachers, student achievement, PD shared with other teachers, schools with/without cohorts, curriculum.
  • Heidi responded with the suggestion to refer to Dr. Buryanek’s rubrics, which show criteria fo teams, including plans for collaboration and plans for student achievement and to expand impact; look for program review in the fall.
  • Q: IB work funded by Iowa Core? A: IB work is funded by Title IV.
  • Julie moved and Deb seconded the motion to accept the Iowa Core Budget Update 2019-2020 handout as presented. Motion carried.

3) Next meeting date, September 15, 2020, 8-10:00 AM. ESC. Kathy moved and John seconded the motion to adjourn. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Gloria James, Recorder