Our 30+ Pathways

Every child learns differently. Help a child find a passion for lifelong learning and tailor the learning experience to engage today’s young minds. Are you ready to shape a child’s life?

Pathway Description

The early childhood education and child development associate pathway prepare students to interact intentionally with children ages zero to eight. Coursework from the pathway classes focuses on developmentally appropriate practice and research-based teaching strategies. In addition, students can fulfill the education component for the CDA (Child Development Associate) credential awarded by the Council for Professional Recognition. The Child Development Associate credential teaches a core set of competency standards, which guide early childcare professionals as they work toward becoming qualified teachers of young children. The courses in the credential teach the “how-to” for the competency standards. Students in this program know how to nurture the emotional, physical, intellectual, and social development of children.

Key Competencies

  • Learn to plan and execute learning opportunities rooted in the interest areas of children

  • Develop lessons aligned with site curriculum goals

  • Knowledge of assessment and evidence-based practices in early childhood education

  • Knowledge of the influences of family-centered practice, inclusion, culture & language

  • Knowledge of safety and nutrition and their relationship to growth & development in young children ages birth to eight

  • Understanding of children’s developmental stages & developing appropriate learning opportunities to support the child.


View the High School Course Guide for an in-depth look at the courses outlined below.

High School Credits:

4029  Exploring FCS Pathways (2)
4000  Individuals & Families (1)
4619  Introduction to Early Childhood Education (1)
4620 Child Health, Safety, and Nutrition (1)
4621  Early Childhood Curriculum I (1)
4622 Early Childhood Guidance (1)

Total College Credits: 12 + CDA Credential


Annual National Average Salary for Preschool Teacher: $28,400

Career Opportunities

  • Child Care

  • Pre-K Teacher

  • Kindergarten Teacher

  • Early Education Educator

  • Transitional Kindergarten Teacher

  • Director of Early Education

  • Nany

  • Teacher Assistant