Our 30+ Pathways

Are you artistic, innovative and, detail-oriented? Do you have an interest in making spaces more practical? More stylish? More aesthetically pleasing? A career in Interior design could be the right path for you!

Pathway Description

Interior Design is a program that prepares students to apply artistic principles and techniques to plan, design, equip, and furnish interior spaces. The curriculum includes instruction in computer applications and hand drafting, color coordination, furniture, and furnishings. We also learn about the history of period-style houses, basic structural design, and applications to housing design.

Key Competencies

  • Ability to research design concepts.

  • Understanding of housing styles, floor plans, furniture arrangements, color schemes, and accessory use.

  • Develop advanced skills in sewing & fabric selection as well as garment construction.


View the High School Course Guide for an in-depth look at the courses outlined below.

High School Credits:

4029 Exploring FCS Pathways (2)
4015 Sewing Technology Basics (1)
4016 Design Studio (1)
9658 Digital Photography (1)
4027 Interior Design Studio (1)
4024 Applied Sewing Technology & Textiles (2)

Total College Credits: 0


Annual National Average Salary for Entry Level Interior Designer: $67,800

Career Opportunities

  • Interior Designer

  • Universal Designer

  • Purchasing Manager

  • Sustainable Designer