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Did you enjoy playing with LEGOs or Rubik’s Cubes as a kid? Put your problem solving skills to the test by working with HVAC systems.

Pathway Description

This 1-year regional pathway begins to prepare students for the study of air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration for residential and light commercial equipment. Students start training to be HVAC technicians in a real world, hands-on lab environment.

Key Competencies

  • Understand the fundamentals of electricity, including AC and DC theory, Ohm’s Law, Electrical Circuits, Electrical Power Generation, Motors, and Transformers.

  • Demonstrate electrical safety with the use of energized circuits, voltages, and working equipment.

  • Develop the skills needed for all common heating systems.

  • Understand the theory and laws governing refrigeration, the operation of refrigeration systems, heat transfer, components, and test equipment.

  • Discover soldering and brazing methods and materials used in refrigeration service.

  • Interpret reverse cycle heating and the components and controls of auxiliary heat, C.O.P., installation and maintenance of air-to-air and ground source systems, and includes system wiring and electrical troubleshooting.


View the High School Course Guide for an in-depth look at the courses outlined below.

High School Credits:

9G41 Basic Electrical Theory (2)
9GH0 Heating Fundamentals (2)
9GH1 Fundamentals of Refrigeration (2)
9GH2 Heat Pumps (2)

Total College Credits: 12


Annual National Average Salary for an HVAC Technician: $40,400

Career Opportunities

  • Gas Fitter

  • HVAC Mechanic

  • HVAC Technician