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Are you creative, self-motivated, and detail oriented? Do you work well in a fast-paced team environment? Consider a rewarding career in the marketing industry!

Pathway Description

This pathway helps students understand consumer-buying behavior, target market opportunities, and develop the promotion of new products. Students evaluate marketing channels and strategic market planning and implementation as it relates to business objectives. Students will also create an integrated marketing plan based on competition, social forces, economic conditions, and legislation.

Key Competencies

  • Define marketing and explain the importance of assessing and satisfying consumer needs.

  • Discuss organization’s search for new marketing opportunities and select target markets.

  • Discuss how social forces like demographics, culture and economic forces like macroeconomic conditions and consumer income affect marketing.

  • Describe how technological changes and their ecological impacts can affect marketing.

  • Identify existing competitive structures, the role of marketing, and key components of competition.

  • Recognize how marketers can use knowledge of consumer behavior to better understand and influence individual and family purchases.

  • Understand how types of buying situations influence organizational buying.

  • Discuss what market segmentation is, when to use it, and the five steps used in segmentation.

  • Recognize the different factors used to segment consumer and industrial markets.

  • Discuss the product life cycle concept and relate a marketing strategy to each stage Identify the attributes of a successful brand name.

  • Discuss the benefits of packaging and warranties in the marketing of a product.

  • Identify major sociocultural influences on consumer behavior and effects on purchase decisions.


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High School Credits:

B019 Business 101 (2)
B014 Sports & Entertainment Management (1) 
B007 Sales & Marketing (1)  
B620 Digital Imaging (1)  
B615 Vector Drawing (1)  
1008 Computer & Yearbook Application (2)  
B018 Business Entrepreneurship (2)  
B600 Introduction to Business (1)  
B601 Principles of Management (1)  
B605 Principles of Marketing (1)  
B602 Human Resource Management (1) 

Total College Credits: 18


Annual National Average Salary for Entry Level Marketing Specialist: $55,000

Career Opportunities

  • Advertising Executive

  • Sales Representative

  • Market Research Analyst

  • Marketing Coordinator

  • Public Relations Specialist

  • Event Planner