#Kudos Recognition Graphic with Geometric Background

Kudos to MacKenzie Hiserote (Career & Technical Education Program Coordinator | Sioux City Career Academy) 

"Fridays are for Fifth Graders is an incredible opportunity for fifth-grade students in the Sioux City Community School District to experience hands-on, career-focused activities at the Career Academy. Each Friday, our students love becoming firefighters, biologists, computer scientists, inventors, designers, or even snow plow operators. This school year, MacKenzie has gone above and beyond to make this series a success. She single-handily created content, secured staff leaders and community members, recruited student helpers, and emceed the events. She stocked and restocked supplies, staged stations, and remained enthusiastic from week to week. One student called our school, "The Dream Academy," making MacKenzie's new official title, 'Dream Curator.' These types of events take a ton of work and we couldn't pull it off without MacKenzie! Thank you!"

- Katie Towler