English/Language Arts Tips for High School Parents

High school gives students the opportunity to begin utilizing their college-ready skills. The English and Language Arts curriculum is based on the Iowa Core standards and focuses on key concepts in reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language.

As a parent, the best thing you can do for your child is to stay engaged in their learning. Each day, take time to ask your child about their school day. Ask open-ended questions to encourage interaction. Then, you can build on their daily learning with some of the activities suggested on this webpage. Here are specific areas to focus on when working with your child.

You can also view suggested learning resources for students. These learning resources offer both digital activities and printable practice materials.

How to Help Your Child at Home

  • Talk to your child’s teacher regularly and ensure that the teacher and your child have a good relationship.

  • Set high expectations for your child’s learning. Look up college requirements for English language arts/literacy at the college of your child’s choice. Make sure he or she is taking any necessary courses in this area.

  • Help your child make connections between English language arts/literacy and college and career readiness.

Source: Iowa Core Parent Guides from the Iowa Department of Education.
Read the Iowa Core Parent Guide (English) and Iowa Core Parent Guide (Spanish).
Read the complete standards on the Iowa Core website.