Elementary Education

Developing a Strong Educational Foundation

Elementary education serves preschool through fifth-grade students. The Sioux City Community School District has thirteen elementary schools, including five specialty schools. Preschool is available at nine Sioux City Community Schools. All District preschools participate in the Preschool Initiative.

The Preschool Initiative Program is a network of over 30 preschools in Sioux City. The program is guided by the Sioux City Community School District. While each preschool is operated independently, all preschools within the Preschool Initiative Program must follow and maintain the curriculum and staff certification requirements as set forth by the Preschool Initiative. 

In addition, Title I services for our students and families is also oversaw by elementary education.

Jarod Mozer

Jarod Mozer

Director of Elementary Education

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Additional Department Contacts

Tran Ngo
Elementary Education Administrative Assistant
712-279-6677 ext. 6677
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