The District makes reasonable efforts to identify homeless children and youth within the District, encourage their enrollment and eliminate existing barriers to their education which may exist in District policies or practices, and ensure the privacy of student records, as provided by applicable law, including information about a homeless child or youth’s living situation. The designated coordinator for the identification of homeless children and for tracking and monitoring programs and activities for these children is the Homeless Education Liaison, Dr. Dora Jung.

In collaboration with school personnel and community organizations, the local liaison will identify homeless children and youth in the District, both in and out of school. The local liaison will train school personnel on possible indicators of homelessness, sensitivity in identifying homeless families and youth, and procedures for forwarding information indicating homelessness to the local liaison. The local liaison will keep data on the number of homeless children and youth in the District; where they are living; their academic achievement (including performance on state and districtwide assessments); and the reasons for any enrollment delays, interruptions in their education, or school transfers.

Policy 504.9 Homeless Children and Youth 

Siouxland Coalition to End Homelessness