Home Instruction

Support for Families who Teach their Children at Home

The Sioux City Community School District home school program allows families to participate in private instruction outside the traditional school setting.

Private instruction lets parents/guardians deliver instruction and a course of study at home, with support from the District. To learn more about enrollment in the home school program, parents/guardians must contact the Learning Supports Department.

Although the parent is the primary teacher, the home school program offers support for the families through regularly scheduled home visits with certified teachers. Students have the option of participating in monthly field trips, standardized testing, and alternative assessments. Families may also check out textbooks and resources available for each grade level.

Home school students can still engage in school activities if they choose to dual enroll. Under dual enrollment, students are eligible to participate in the District’s extracurricular and academic activities in the same manner as other students enrolled in the District. Students can benefit from classes, activities, and services provided by the boundary school. Additionally, students can participate in the pathways offered through the Sioux City Career Academy.

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Home School Coordinator
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