STEM High School Learning Outcomes

This webpage provides an overview of what your child will learn about STEM in high school. The STEM learning outcomes focus on key concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

When your child arrives at high school, they will take what they’ve learned up to this point to think critically, innovatively, and creatively in a collaborative setting.

Examples of Your Child’s Work at School

  • Develop an understanding of the structure, function, and ecological principles in the living world.

  • Develop a broad understanding of problem-solving to develop basic proficiencies in lab skills and techniques, and to stimulate further study.

  • Study the laws of physics through reading, class discussion, mathematical analysis, teacher explanation, and laboratory experience.

  • Master the forces acting on bodies and their relationship to friction, motion, momentum, work, and energy in the field of mechanics; fluid mechanics, heat and thermodynamics, wave motion, and sound.

  • Explore the breadth of engineering career opportunities and experiences, while providing opportunities to solve engaging and challenging real-world problems through the study of engineering essentials.

  • Explore various technology systems and manufacturing processes to learn how engineers and technicians use math, science, and technology.

  • Address concerns about the social and political consequences of technological change.

  • Study abstract concepts that are vital for future math and science applications including integers, linear and quadratic equations, systems, graphing, and polynomials.